Yamato (Japanese battleship, 1940)

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Plan FY1937
Builder Kure NYd
Laid down 4 Nov 1937
Launched 8 Aug 1940
Comm'd 16 Dec 1941
Fate 7 Apr 1945 sunk
(East China Sea)

Yamato 大和 was a Japanese warship (Battleship). The first ship of 2 completed Yamato class battleships. She was named after ancient state name (now Nara prefecture), which was also refered as Japan itself.


  • Budget approved in FY1937 program.
  • 4 November 1937, laid down at Kure Naval Yard.
  • 8 August 1940, launched.
  • 16 December 1941, completed and commissioned. classified as Battleship. registered to Kure Naval District.
  • 7 April 1945, sunk by airborne attack at East China Sea. (30.22N,128.04E)
  • 31 August 1945, discarded.


Commanding officer

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
5 Sept 1941 CAPT Miyazato Shutoku 40th class, NA Member, Kure District Att, Kure District Chief Equipment officer
15 Oct 1941 RADM
1 Nov 1941 CAPT Takayanagi Gihachi 41st class, NA Member, Kure District CO, Yamato Chief Equipement officer
1 16 Dec 1941 CAPT Takayanagi Gihachi 41st class, NA CEO, Yamato Att, Yokosuka District 1 May 1942 RADM
2 17 Dec 1942 CAPT Matsuda Chiaki 44th class, NA Att, Combined Fleet HQ Att, NGS 1 May 1943 RADM
3 7 Sept 1943 CAPT Ono Takeji 44th class, NA Att, Combined Fleet HQ Att, NGS 1 Nov 1943 RADM
4 25 Jan 1944 CAPT Morishita Nobuei 45th class, NA CO, Haruna CoS, 2nd Fleet 15 Oct 1944 RADM
5 25 Nov 1944 CAPT Aruga Kosaku 45th class, NA Att, 2nd Fleet HQ KIA 7 Apr 1945 sunk


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