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!no!!date of<br>appointment!!rank!!name!!class!!previous job!!next job!!note
!no!!date of<br>appointment!!rank!!name!!class!!previous job!!next job!!note
|1||4 Oct 1893||||[[Kawakami Soroku]]||
|1||4 Oct 1893||[[Major General (Japanese Army)|Maj General]]||[[Kawakami Soroku]]||||Commander, [[2nd Guard Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)|2nd Guard Inf Brigade]]||[[Chief of General Staffs (Japanese Army)|Chief of General Staffs]]||7 Jun 1890 [[Lieutenant General (Japanese Army)|Lt General]]
|2||26 Aug 1898||||[[Osako Naotoshi]]||
|2||26 Aug 1898||||[[Osako Naotoshi]]||

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Vice Chief of General Staffs (参謀次長 Sanbo Jicho)

list of Vice Chiefs of General Staffs


no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 4 Oct 1893 Maj General Kawakami Soroku Commander, 2nd Guard Inf Brigade Chief of General Staffs 7 Jun 1890 Lt General
2 26 Aug 1898 Osako Naotoshi
3 25 Apr 1900 Terauchi Masatake
4 27 Mar 1902 Maj General Tamura Iyozo 2nd class, Cadet Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs died 1 Oct 1903 died
2 Oct 1903 Fukushima Yasumasa
5 12 Oct 1903 Kodama Gentaro
6 16 Apr 1906 Fukushima Yasumasa
1 19 Dec 1908 Fukushima Yasumasa
2 25 Apr 1912 Maj General Oshima Kenichi 4th class, Cadet Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Vice Minister of Army 25 Aug 1913 Lt General
3 17 Apr 1914 Lt General Akashi Motojiro 6th class, Cadet Commander, Korea Resident Military Police Commander, 6th Division
4 4 Oct 1915 Lt General Tanaka Giichi 8th class, Cadet Att, General Staffs Minister of Army 29 Sep 1918 vacant
5 10 Oct 1918 Lt General Fukuda Masataro 9th class, Cadet Commander, 5th Division Commander, Taiwan Army 3 May 1921 vacant
6 5 May 1921 Lt General Kikuchi Shinnosuke 11th class, Cadet Commander, 3rd Division Commander, Korea Army
7 24 Nov 1922 Lt General Muto Nobuyoshi 3rd class, MA Commander, 3rd Division Military Councillor
8 1 May 1925 Lt General Kanaya Hanzo 5th class, MA Commander, 18th Division Commander, Korea Army
9 5 Mar 1927 Lt General Minami Jiro 6th class, MA Commander, 16th Division Commander, Korea Army
10 1 Aug 1929 Lt General Okamoto Renichiro 9th class, MA Chief, Admin Bu, Ministry of Army Commander, Guard Division
11 22 Dec 1930 Lt General Ninomiya Harushige 12th class, MA Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Commander, 5th Division
12 9 Jan 1932 Lt General Masaki Jinzaburo 9th class, MA Commander, Taiwan Army Military Councillor
13 19 Jun 1933 Lt General Ueda Kenkichi 10th class, MA Att, General Staffs Commander, Korea Army
14 1 Aug 1934 Lt General Sugiyama Hajime 12th class, MA Dir, Army Air Command Att, General Staffs
15 23 Mar 1936 Lt General Nishio Toshizo 14th class, MA Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army Commander, Guard Division
16 1 Mar 1937 Lt General Imai Kiyoshi 15th class, MA Commander, 4th Division Att, General Staffs
17 14 Aug 1937 Lt General Tada Hayao 15th class, MA Commander, 11th Division Commander, Third Army
18 10 Dec 1938 Lt General Nakajima Tetsuzo 18th class, MA Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Att, General Staffs
19 2 Oct 1939 Lt General Sawada Shigeru 18th class, MA Att, General Staffs Att, General Staffs
20 15 Nov 1940 Lt General Tsukada Osamu 19th class, MA Att, General Staffs Chief of Staff, Southern Expeditionary Army
21 6 Nov 1941 Lt General Tanabe Moritake 22nd class, MA Chief of Staff, North China Area Army Commander, Twenty-fifth Army
22 8 Apr 1943 Lt General Hata Hikosaburo 24th class, MA Commander, 34th Division Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army
23 7 Apr 1945 Lt General Kawabe Torashiro 24th class, MA Deputy Inspector General of Aviation reserve 15 Oct 1945 abolished

wartime addition

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 21 Feb 1944 General Ushiroku Jun 17th class, MA Commander, Middle Army Military Councillor 18 Jul 1944 abolished