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(modified in 1970)
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|'''Armament:'''||2-20mm MGs
|'''Armament:'''||2-20mm MGs

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Tsugaru class cable repairing ship (つがる型敷設艦)


as completed

Displacement: 950t standard
Dimensions: 66.0m x 10.4m x 3.4m
Machinery: 2-shaft diesel, 3200bhp = 16kts
Armament: 1-76mm/50 gun, 2-20mm MGs, 4 DCT, 40 mines
Sensors: Radar OPS-16
Complement: 100

modified in 1970

Displacement: 2150t standard
Dimensions: 100.0m x 14.6m x 4.9m
Machinery: 2-shaft diesel, 3200bhp = 13kts
Armament: 2-20mm MGs
Complement: 103


No Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
ARC-481 つがる Tsugaru