Third Army (Japanese Army)

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Third Army 第三軍 Daisan Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 2 May 1904 Lt General Nogi Maresuke Absence keeper, Guard Division Military Councillor 6 Jun 1904 General
21 Jan 1906 demobilized
1 8 Jan 1938 Lt General Yamada Otozo 14th class, MA Cdr, 12th Division Cdr, Central China Exp Army
2 10 Dec 1938 Lt General Tada Hayao 15th class, MA Vice Chief of General Staffs Cdr, North China Area Army
3 12 Sep 1939 Lt General Suetaka Kamezo 16th class, MA Commander, Twelfth Army Military Councillor
4 1 Mar 1941 Lt General Kawabe Masakazu 19th class, MA Cdr, 12th Division CoS, China Exp Army
5 17 Aug 1942 Lt General Uchiyama Eitaro 21st class, MA Commander, 13th Division Commander, Twelfth Army
6 7 Feb 1944 Lt General Nemoto Hiroshi 23rd class, MA Commander, 24th Division Commander, Inner-Mongolia Resident Army
7 22 Nov 1944 Lt General Murakami Keisaku 22nd class, MA Att, Kwantung Army disbanded after the war

Chief of Staff

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 16 Mar 1905 Maj General Ichinohe Hyoe Cdr, 6th Inf Brigade Att, 1st Division 21 Jan 1906 demobilized