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[[Soryu class aircraft carrier (IJN, 1935)|Soryu class aircraft carrier]] ([http://admiral3166.ddo.jp/wiki31/ja/index.php/%E8%92%BC%E9%BE%8D%E7%B4%9A%E8%88%AA%E7%A9%BA%E6%AF%8D%E8%89%A6_%28%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC%E6%B5%B7%E8%BB%8D,_1935%29 蒼龍級航空母艦])

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Soryu class aircraft carrier (蒼龍級航空母艦)


Displacement: 15,900t standard, 18,500t trial, 19,800t full load
Dimensions: 210.0m pp, 222.0m wl, 227.5m wl x 21.3m x 7.62m
Machinery: 4-shaft steam geared turbine, 8 boilers, 152,000shp = 34.5kt. Oil 3670t.
Armor: Belt 45mm, deck 25mm (machinery), 55mm (magazine)
Armament: 12-12.7cm/40 HA guns (6 twins), 28-25mm AA MGs, 71 aircraft
Complement: 1100


Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
蒼龍 Soryu FY1934 Kure NYd 20 Nov 1934 23 Dec 1935 29 Dec 1937 (CV) Sunk 4 Jun 1942 (Air attack)
Discarded 10 Aug 1942
Off Midway (30.38N/179.13W)