Ryuho class aircraft carrier (IJN, 1942)

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Displacement: 13,360t standard, 15,060t trial, 16,700t full load
Dimensions: 197.32m pp, 210.0m wl, 215.6m oa x 19.58m x 6.67m
Machinery: 2-shaft steam geared turbines, 4 boilers, 52,000shp = 26.5kt. Oil about 2900t.
Armor: deck 10mm
Armament: 8-12.7cm/40 HA guns (4 twins), 38-25mm AA MGs, 31 aircraft
Complement: 989


Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
大鯨 Taigei FY1933 Yokosuka NYd 12 Apr 1933 16 Nov 1933 31 Mar 1934 (AS) Reclassified and renamed 28 Nov 1942 (CV 龍鳳 Ryuho)
Discarded 30 Nov 1945