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!Name!!Plan!!Builder!!Laid down!!Launched!!Comp!!History!!Note
!Name!!Plan!!Builder!!Laid down!!Launched!!Comp!!History!!Note
|大鯨 [[Taigei (Japanese submarine depot ship, 1933)|Taigei]]||FY1933||[[Yokosuka Naval Yard (Japanese Navy)|Yokosuka NYd]]||12 Apr 1933||16 Nov 1933||31 Mar 1934 ([[Submarine depot ship (Japanese Navy)|AS]])

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as submarine depot ship

Displacement: 10,500t standard
Dimensions: 197.3m pp, 211.1m wl x 18.06m x 5.33m
Machinery: 2-shaft diesel, 14,000bhp = 20kt. Oil 3570t. Range 8000nm at 14kt.
Armament: 4-12.7cm/40 HA guns (2 twins), 12-13.2mm AA MGs, 3 floatplanes
Complement: 413

as aircraft carrier


Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
大鯨 Taigei FY1933 Yokosuka NYd 12 Apr 1933 16 Nov 1933 31 Mar 1934 (AS)