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!Name!!Plan!!Builder!!Laid down!!Launched!!Comp!!History!!Note
!Name!!Plan!!Builder!!Laid down!!Launched!!Comp!!History!!Note
|長良 [[Nagara (Japanese light cruiser, 1921)|Nagara]]
|長良 [[Nagara (Japanese light cruiser, 1921)|Nagara]]||FY1917||[[Sasebo Naval Yard (Japanese Navy)|Sasebo NYd]]||9 Sep 1920||25 Apr 1921||21 Apr 1922 ([[Cruiser second class (Japanese Navy)|C2]])||Sunk 7 Aug 1944 (Torpedoed)<br>Discarded 10 Oct 1944||West of Kyushu (32.08N/129.53E)<br>by [[US Croaker (SS-246)]]
|五十鈴 [[Isuzu (Japanese light cruiser, 1921)|Isuzu]]
|五十鈴 [[Isuzu (Japanese light cruiser, 1921)|Isuzu]]

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Displacement: 5570t normal
Dimensions: 158.6m wl, 162.1m oa x 14.2m x 4.8m
Machinery: 4-shaft steam geared turbines, 12 boilers, 90,000shp = 36kt. Oil 1260t, coal 350t. Range 5000nm at 36kt.
Armor: Belt 62mm, deck 30mm
Armament: 7-14cm/50 guns, 2-8cm/40 HA guns, 8-610mm torpedo tubes (4 tiwns), 48 mines
Complement: 450


Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
長良 Nagara FY1917 Sasebo NYd 9 Sep 1920 25 Apr 1921 21 Apr 1922 (C2) Sunk 7 Aug 1944 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 10 Oct 1944
West of Kyushu (32.08N/129.53E)
by US Croaker (SS-246)
五十鈴 Isuzu
名取 Natori
由良 Yura
鬼怒 Kinu
阿武隈 Abukuma