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JGSDF Staff College 陸上自衛隊幹部学校 Rikujo Jieitai Kambu Gakko




no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 1 Jul 1954 Lt General Nakano Toshio University of Tokyo Cdr, Northern Army Cdr, 1st District
2 2 Aug 1957 Lt General Kishimoto Juichi 34th class, MA Cdr, Northern Army Att, GSO
3 17 Mar 1959 Lt General Imoto Kumao 37th class, MA Dir, S5, GSO retired
4 1 Aug 1961 Lt General Shingu Yota 38th class, MA Cdr, North Eastern Army Att, GSO
5 1 Aug 1962 Lt General Yoshihashi Kaizo 39th class, MA Cdr, Western Army retired
6 16 Jul 1964 Lt General Takeshita Masahiko 42nd class, MA Cdr, 4th Division retired
1 Jul 1966
1 Jul 1974 Lt General Tanaka Shoji 54th class, MA Cdr, 8th Division Cdr, Northern Army
16 Mar 1976 Lt General Takashina Takehiko 54th class, MA Vice President, NDA Cdr, Eastern Army
15 Oct 1976
1 Jul 1996 Lt General Okita Taichiro 8th class, NDA Cdr, 4th Division Cdr, Middle Army
1 Jul 1997
32 28 Jul 2005 Lt General Hirose Seiichi 17th class, NDA
33 28 Mar 2007 Lt General Sanda Katsumi 18th class, NDA
34 21 Jul 2009 Lt General Hasebe Yoichi 20th class, NDA Cdr, 3rd Division retired
35 27 Apr 2011 Lt General Kawamura Hitoshi 22nd class, NDA Cdr, 10th Division Cdr, Middle Army
36 26 Jul 2012 Lt General Kainuma Toshiaki 23rd class, NDA Dir, Kanto Logistics Depot retired
37 5 Aug 2014 Lt General Ogawa Kiyoshi 26th class, NDA Cdr, 6th Division Cdr, Western Army
38 4 Aug 2015 Lt General Fukazu Akira 26th class, NDA Cdr, 4th Division retired
39 27 Mar 2017 Lt General Nishi Hironori 28th class, NDA Cdr, 1st Division incumbent