General Headquarter of Maritime Escort (Japanese Navy)

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General Headquarter of Maritime Escort 海上護衛総隊 Kaijo Goei Sotai, or GEB


Commander-in-chief, General Headquarter of Maritime Escort

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 15 Nov 1943 ADM Oikawa Koshiro 31st class, NA Cdt, Naval College Chief, Naval General Staff
2 2 Aug 1944 ADM Nomura Naokuni 35th class, NA Military Councillor Military Councillor
3 1 May 1945 ADM Toyoda Soemu 33rd class, NA CinC, Combined Fleet / GHQ of Navy Chief, Naval General Staff
4 29 May 1945 VADM Ozawa Jisaburo 37th class, NA Att, Naval General Staff CinC, GHQ of Navy / Combined Fleet 25 Aug 1945 disbanded