Fubuki class destroyers (IJN, 1927)

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Displacement: 1750t standard, 2057t full load
Dimensions: 111.86m pp, 115.3m wl, 118.41m oa x 10.36m x 3.2m
Machinery: 2-shaft geared turbine, 4 boilers, 50,000shp = 38kt
Armament: 6-12.7cm/50 guns (3 twins), 2-13.2mm AA MG, 9-61cm Torpedo tubes (3 triples), 18 depth charges
Complement: 197


Name Plan Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
吹雪 Fubuki FY1923 Maizuru NYd
白雪 Shirayuki FY1923 Yokohama Dock
初雪 Hatsuyuki FY1923 Maizuru NYd
深雪 Miyuki FY1923 Uraga Dock
叢雲 Murakumo FY1923 Fujinagata SB
東雲 Shinonome FY1926 Sasebo NYd
薄雲 Usugumo FY1926 Ishikawajima SB 21 Oct 1926 26 Dec 1927 26 Jul 1928 as DD-41 (DD1) Renamed as Usugumo 1 Aug 1928
Sunk 7 Jul 1944 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 10 Sep 1944
North of Etorofu (47.43N/147.55E)
by USS Skate (SS-305)
白雲 Shirakumo FY1926 Fujinagata SB 27 Oct 1926 27 Dec 1927 28 Jul 1928 as DD-42 (DD1) Renamed as Shirakumo 1 Aug 1928
Sunk 16 Mar 1944 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 31 Mar 1944
Off Cape Erimo (42.25N/144.55E)
by USS Tautog (SS-199)
磯波 Isonami FY1926 Uraga Dock 18 Oct 1926 24 Nov 1927 30 Jun 1928 as DD-43 (DD1) Renamed as Isonami 1 Aug 1928
Sunk 9 Apr 1943 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 1 Aug 1943
Southeast of Celebes (05.26S/123.04E)
by USS Tautog (SS-199)
浦波 Uranami FY1927 Sasebo NYd
綾波 Ayanami FY1927 Fujinagata SB
敷波 Shikinami FY1927 Maizuru NYd 6 Jul 1928 22 Jun 1929 24 Dec 1929 (DD1) Sunk 12 Sep 1944 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 10 Oct 1944
former DD-46
South China Sea (18.16N/114.40E)
by USS Growler (SS-215)
朝霧 Asagiri FY1927 Sasebo NYd
夕霧 Yugiri FY1927 Maizuru NYd
天霧 Amagiri FY1927 Ishikawajima SB
狭霧 Sagiri FY1927 Uraga Dock 28 Mar 1929 23 Dec 1929 30 Jan 1931 (DD1) Sunk 24 Dec 1941 (Torpedoed)
Discarded 15 Jan 1942
former DD-50
Off Kuching (01.34N/110.21E)
by HNLMS K16
Oboro FY1927 Sasebo NYd
Akebono FY1927 Fujinagata SB
Sazanami FY1927 Maizuru NYd
Ushio FY1927 Uraga Dock