Emperor Suizei (Japan)

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Emperor Suizei 綏靖天皇 Suizei Tenno was a legendary second Emperor of Japan. Old chronicles saying: (life: 632BC - 10 May 549BCJOS / 28 Jun 549BCJC, reign: 8 Jan 581BCJOS / 23 Feb 581BCJC - 10 May 549BCJOS / 28 Jun 549BCJC). Traditional Japanese posthumous name was Kamu-Nunakawa-mimi-no-Mikoto 神渟名川耳尊.




Patrilineal ancestors from Top ancestor

  1. Amaterasu (female)
  2. Amenooshiho
  3. Ninigi
  4. Fukiaezu
  5. Emperor Jinmu, Emperor of Japan
  6. Emperor Suizei, Emperor of Japan

Preceded by
Emperor Jinmu
2nd Emperor of Japan
(8 Jan 581BC - 10 May 549BC)
Succeeded by
Emperor Annei