Canada class battleships (RN, 1913)

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Displacement: 28,600t load; 32,120t deep load
Dimensions: 201.5m oa x 28.0m x 8.8m mean
Machinery: 4-shaft Brown-Curtis (HP) and Parsons (LP) turbines, 21 Yarrow boilers, 37,000shp = 22¾kts. Coal 3300t, oil 520t. Range 4400nm at 10kts
Armour: Belt 9in-4in (230mm-100mm), bulkheads 4½in-3in (115mm-75mm), barbettes 10in-4in (250mm-100mm), turret faces 10in (250mm), CT 11in (280mm), decks 4in-1in (100mm-25mm)
Armament: 10-14in (35.6cm)/45cal Mk I (5x2), 16-6in (15.2cm)/50 Mk XI, 2-3in (76mm)/20cwt AA Mk I, 4-3pdr (47mm), 4-21in (53.3cm) TT sub (beam)
Complement: 1167


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Canada Armstrong Dec 1911 27 Nov 1913 Sept 1915 Apr 1920 returned to Chile ex/then-Almirante Latorre
Eagle Armstrong 20 Feb 1913 8 Jun 1918 Apr 1920 Completed as aircraft carrier ex-Almirante Cochrane
11 Aug 1942 sunk