5th Division (JGSDF)

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5th Division 第5師団 Daigo Shidan




no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
10 Aug 1954 Maj General Shingu Yota 38th class, MA Att, Northern Army HQ Superint, Fuji School Commander, 5th District
16 Nov 1955 Lt General
12 Mar 1957 Maj General Hosoda Hiroshi 39th class, MA Dir, S3, GSO Dir, S5, GSO 16 Aug 1957 Lt General
17 Mar 1959 Maj General Yoshihashi Kaizo 39th class, MA Cdr, 9th Mixed Brigade Cdr, Western Army 2 May 1959 Lt General
1 Aug 1960 Maj General Sekiguchi Hachitaro Tohoku University Cdr, 7th Mixed Brigade Cdr, 5th Division 1 Jan 1961 Lt General
1 18 Jan 1962 Lt General Sekiguchi Hachitaro Tohoku University Cdr, 5th District Cdr, 6th District Commander, 5th Division
2 1 Aug 1962 Maj General Sugaya Yoshio 43rd class, MA Vice President, NDA Superint, Fuji School 1 Jul 1963 Lt General
16 Mar 1965
16 Mar 1970 Maj General Nakayama Heihachiro 51st class, MA Chief Sec, GSO Vice President, NDA 1 Jul 1970 Lt General
16 Mar 1972
16 Mar 1979 Lt General Murai Sumio 58th class, MA CoS, Eastern Army Cdr, Middle Army
12 Feb 1980
1 Jul 1983 Lt Genereal Hiratsuka Hiroshi CoS, Middle Army Superint, Fuji School
1 Jul 1985
16 Mar 1987 Lt General Kuga Mikio 1st class, NDA CoS, Northern Army Cdr, Western Army
30 Jun 1989
16 Mar 1991 Lt General Arai Hitoshi 5th class, NDA Dir, Edu Dept, GSO Superint, Fuji School
23 Mar 1993
1 Jul 1994 Lt General Hiyama Shuzo 8th class, NDA Dir, J2, JSC Vice President, NDA
30 Jun 1995