2nd National Congress of Communist Party of China

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2nd term National Representative Congress of the Communist Party of China


  • date: 16 Jul 1922 - 23 Jul 1922
  • place: Shanghai

Central Committee


name birth home military rank party position note
Chen Duxiu 陈独秀 1879-1942 Anhui Chairman
Li Dazhao 李大钊 1889-1927 Hebei
Cai Hesen 蔡和森 1895-1931 Hunan
Zhang Guotao 张国焘 1897-1979 Jiangxi
Gao Junyu 高君宇 1896-1925 Shanxi

candidate members

  1. Deng Zhongxia 邓中夏
  2. Xiang Lingyu 向警予 (Tujia female)