22nd class of Naval College (Japanese Navy)

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seat rank name class fate final rank note
Inoue Shigeyoshi 37th class 15 Dec 1975 died Admiral
Inoue Yasuo 38th class 29 Sep 1981 died Vice Admiral
Mikawa Gunichi 38th class 25 Feb 1981 died Vice Admiral
Sugiyama Rokuzo 38th class 6 Jun 1947 died Vice Admiral
Miwa Shigeyoshi 39th class 27 Feb 1959 died Vice Admiral
Yamagata Seigo 39th class 17 Mar 1945 KIA Admiral
Oka Arata 40th class 23 Mar 1958 died Vice Admiral
Ugaki Matome 40th class 15 Aug 1945 KIA Vice Admiral