22nd class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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22nd class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Kato Hakujiro Lt General 19 Feb 1951 died Yamaguchi Artillery
Kitano Kenzo Lt General 25 Jul 1960 died 31st class Shiga Infantry
Nakamura Aketo Lt General 12 Sep 1966 died 34th class Aichi Infantry
Murakami Keisaku Lt General 17 Sep 1948 died 28th class Tochigi Infantry
Nishimura Takuma Lt General 11 Jun 1951 executed 32nd class Fukuoka Artillery
Oki Shigeru Lt General 9 Apr 1947 died Fukui Infantry
Suzuki Teiichi Lt General 15 Jul 1989 died 29th class Chiba Infantry
Suzuki Yorimichi Lt General 5 Aug 1943 died 30th class Hiroshima Artillery
Tanabe Moritake Lt General 11 Jul 1949 executed 30th class Ishikawa Infantry
Teramoto Kumaichi Lt General 15 Aug 1945 suicide 33rd class Wakayama Infantry
Teshima Fusataro Lt General 9 Apr 1979 died 28th class Yamaguchi Infantry
Uemura Toshimichi Lt General 19 Sep 1947 died 34th class Kumamoto Infantry