Warships of German Navy

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Warships of the German Navy ドイツ海軍の軍艦

Aircraft carriers


Imperial Navy

Nazi Navy

Federal Navy

Capital ships



Frigates / Corvettes

Torpedo boats

Small combatants

  • M1 class minesweepers
  • M27 class minesweepers
  • M57 class minesweepers
  • FM type coastal minesweepers
  • F type coastal minesweepers
  • LM1 class motor gunboats
  • LM3 class motor gunboats
  • LM5 class motor torpedo-boats
  • LM7 class motor torpedo-boats
  • LM11 class motor torpedo-boats
  • LM14 class motor torpedo-boats
  • LM17 class motor torpedo-boats


  • Nautilus class minelayers (2, 1906)
  • Brummer class cruiser minelayers (2, 1915)
  • Vulcan submarine salvage vessel
  • Cyclop submarine salvage vessel
  • Kaiser Wilhelm der Große auxiliary cruiser
  • Prinz Eitel Friedrich auxiliary cruiser
  • Kronprinz Wilhelm auxiliary cruiser
  • Cormoran auxiliary cruiser
  • Cap Trafalgar auxiliary cruiser
  • Berlin auxiliary cruiser
  • Vineta auxiliary cruiser
  • Meteor auxiliary minelayer
  • Möwe commerce raider
  • Wolf commerce raider
  • Greif commerce raider
  • Wolf commerce raider
  • Seeadler commerce raider
  • Geier commerce raider
  • Leopard commerce raider
  • Iltis commerce raider