Twelfth Army (Japanese Army)

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Twelfth Army 第十二軍 Daijuuni Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 9 Nov 1938 Lt General Suetaka Kamezo 16th class, MA Commander, 19th Division Commander, Third Army
2 12 Sep 1939 Lt General Iida Sadakata 17th class, MA Commander, Guard Division Att, General Staffs
3 1 Mar 1941 Lt General Tsuchihashi Ichiji 18th class, MA Commander, 22nd Division Att, General Staffs
4 1 Mar 1943 Lt General Kita Seiichi 19th class, MA Cdr, 6th Army Att, General Staffs
5 7 Feb 1944 Lt General Uchiyama Eitaro 21st class, MA Commander, Third Army Commander, Fifteenth Area Army
6 7 Apr 1945 Lt General Takamori Takashi 20th class, MA Commander, 11th Division disbanded after the war