Tennessee class battleships (USN, BB-43)

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Tennessee class battleships


Displacement: 32,300t normal; 33,190t full load
Dimensions: 182.9m wl, 190.2m oa x 29.7m x 9.2m
Machinery: 4-shaft Westinghouse (California General Electric) turbo-electric drive, 8 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 26,800shp = 21kts. Range 8000nm at 10kts
Armour: Belt 13.5in-8in (343mm-203mm), deck 3.5in (89mm), turret faces 18in (457mm) and 16in (406mm), sides 10in-9in (254mm-229mm), top 5in (127mm), rear 9in, barbettes 13in (330mm), CT 16in, top 8in
Armament: 12-14in (356mm)/50cal (4x3), 14-5in (127mm)/51cal, 4-3in (76mm)/50cal, 2-21in (533mm) TT sub (beam)
Complement: 1083

wartime refit

Armament: 12-14in/50 (West Virginia 8-16in/45), 16-5in/38 (8x2), 40-40mm (10x4), 43-20mm (as fitted to Tennessee 1943)


No Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
BB-43 Tennessee New York NYd 14 May 1917 30 Apr 1919 3 Jun 1920 1959 Stricken
BB-44 California Mare Island NYd 25 Oct 1916 20 Nov 1919 10 Aug 1921 1959 Stricken