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General (ret.) Tamogami Toshio 田母神俊雄 (22 July 1948 - ) was a Japanese Air Self Defense officer.


date rank title job
March 1971 空自入隊
January 1986 2等空佐
January 1990 1等空佐
July 1996 Maj General
March 1997 Chief of Staff, Southwest Composite Air Division
July 1998 Commander, 6th Air Wing
December 1999 Director, Logistics Department, Air Staff Office
2 Dec 2002 Lt General Commandant, Joint Staff College
30 Aug 2004 Commander, Air Defense Command
28 Mar 2007 General Chief of Staff, Air Self-Defense Force
31 Oct 2008 Lt General Att, Air Staff College
3 Nov 2008 retired

military assignment
Preceded by
Yoshida Tadashi
Chief of Staff, Air Self-Defense Force
28 Mar 2007 - 31 Oct 2008
Succeeded by
Iwasaki Shigeru