Taiwan Army (Japanese Army)

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Taiwan Army 台湾軍 Taiwan Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
2 Nov 1904 Lt General Ueda Arisawa Cdr, 5th Division Cdr, 7th Division Taiwan Defense Army
6 Jul 1906
1 20 Aug 1919 General Akashi Motojiro 6th class, Cadet Governor General of Taiwan died 26 Oct 1919 died
2 1 Nov 1919 General Shiba Goro 3rd class, Cadet Governor of Tokyo Security Military Councillor
3 3 May 1921 Lt General Fukuda Masataro 9th class, Cadet Vice Chief of General Staffs Military Councillor 19 Dec 1921 General
4 6 Aug 1923 Lt General Suzuki Soroku 1st class, MA Cdr, 4th Division Cdr, Korea Army
5 20 Aug 1924 Lt General Sugano Hisaichi 2nd class, MA Cdr, 20th Division Military Councillor 1 Aug 1925 General
6 28 Jul 1926 Lt General Tanaka Kunishige 4th class, MA Cdr, Guard Division Military Councillor
7 10 Aug 1928 Lt General Hishikari Takashi 5th class, MA Cdr, 4th Division Cdr, Kwantung Army 1 Aug 1929 General
8 3 Jun 1930 Lt General Watanabe Jotaro 8th class, MA Dir, Army Air Command Dir, Army Air Command
9 1 Aug 1931 Lt General Masaki Jinzaburo 9th class, MA Cdr, 1st Division Vice Chief of General Staffs
10 9 Jan 1932 Lt General Abe Nobuyuki 9th class, MA Cdr, 4th Division Military Councillor 19 Jun 1933 General
11 1 Aug 1933 Lt General Matsui Iwane 9th class, MA Military Councillor Military Councillor 20 Oct 1933 General
12 1 Aug 1934 Lt General Terauchi Hisaichi 11th class, MA Cdr, 4th Division Military Councillor 30 Oct 1935 General
13 2 Dec 1935 Lt General Yanagawa Heisuke 12th class, MA Commander, 1st Division Att, General Staffs
14 1 Aug 1936 Lt General Hata Shunroku 12th class, MA Dir, Army Air Command Military Councillor
15 2 Aug 1937 Lt General Furusho Motoo 14th class, MA Dir, Army Air Command Cdr, 21st Army
16 8 Sep 1938 Lt General Kodama Tomoo 14th class, MA reserve reserve
17 1 Dec 1939 Lt General Ushijima Mitsune 16th class, MA Att, General Staffs Wait for appointment
18 2 Dec 1940 Lt General Honma Masaharu 19th class, MA Commander, 27th Division Commander, Fourteenth Army
19 6 Nov 1941 Lt General Ando Rikichi 16th class, MA reserve Cdr, Taiwan Army District 7 Jan 1944 General
1 Feb 1945 reorganized