Rivadavia class battleships (Argentine, 1911)

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Displacement: 27,940t normal; 30,600t full load
Dimensions: 181.3m oa, 178.3m pp x 30.0m x 8.5m normal
Machinery: 3 shafts, Curtis geared turbines, 18 Babcock and Wilcox boilers, 40,000shp = 22.5kts. Coal 4000t, oil 600t. Range 7000nm at 15kts, 11,000nm at 11kts
Armour: Belt 12in-10in (305mm-254mm), casemate 9.3in-6.2in (238mm-159mm), turrets 12in, CT 12in
Armament: 12-12in (305mm)/50cal (6x2), 12-6in (152mm)//50cal, 16-4in (102mm)/50cal QF, 2-21in (533mm) TT
Complement: 1130 (130 officers and 1000 men)


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Rivadavia Fore River 1910.05.25 1911.08.26 1914.12 1956.02.08 Sold
Moreno New York SB 1910.07.09 1911.09.23 1915.03 1956.02.08 Sold