Pensacola class heavy cruisers (USN, CA-24)

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Pensacola class heavy cruisers


Displacement: (Salt Lake City) 9097t standard, 11,512t full load
Dimensions: 173.74m wl, 178.51m oa × 19.89m × 5.94m full load
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons turbines, 8 White-Forster boilers, 107,000shp = 32.5kts. Oil 1411-2116t, range 10,000nm at 15kts
Armour: Belt 2.5in over machinery with 1in deck, 4in side and 1.75in deck over magazines, barbettes 0.75in, gunhouses 2.5in face, 2in top, 0.75in side and rear
Armament: 10-8in/55 (2 triples, 2 twins), 4-5in/25 (4 singles), 6-21in TT (2 triples), 4 aircraft
Complement: 631


No Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
CA-24 Pensacola New York NYd Oct 1926 25 Apr 1929 6 Feb 1930 10 Nov 1948 expended
CA-25 Salt Lake City New York SB Jun 1927 23 Jan 1929 11 Dec 1929 25 May 1948 expended