Peerage in Modern Japan

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Peerage in Modern Japan (華族 Kazoku) was created after restoration of Emperor's government in 1868. First, peers in Japan are consisted of Feudal Landowner (諸侯 Shoko) and Court nobles (公卿 Kugyo).
In 1884, new peerage system was formed and five grades were created.

  1. Duke (公爵 Koshaku)
  2. Marquis (侯爵 Koshaku)
  3. Count (伯爵 Hakushaku)
  4. Viscount (子爵 Shishaku)
  5. Baron (男爵 Danshaku)

In the same time, numerous commons who contributed the new government were ennobled and grade was given along with existing peers. They were called "New Peer" (新華族 Shin Kazoku).

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