P611 class submarines (RN, 1940)

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P611 class submarines


Displacement: 624t standard, 683t/856t normal
Dimensions: 61.44m oa x 6.81m x 3.61m max normal load
Machinery: 2-shaft Vickers diesels plus electric motors, 1200bhp/780shp = 13.7kts/8.4kts. Oil 34t
Armament: 5-21in TT (4 bow, 1 external, 9 torpedoes), 1-4in/40 QF Mk XX
Complement: 35


No Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
P611 Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow 19 Jul 1940 1942 to Turkey ex-Oruc Reis
P612 Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow 20 Jul 1940 1942 to Turkey ex-Murat Reis
P614 Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow 19 Oct 1940 1942 to Turkey ex-Burak Reis
P615 Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow 1 Nov 1940 18 Apr 1943 sunk ex-Uluc Ali Reis