Normandie class battleships (French, 1914)

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Displacement: 25,230t full load
Dimensions: 170.6m pp, 175.6m wl, 176.6m oa x 27m x 8.65m
Machinery: 4-shaft TE and turbines or turbines only (see notes), 21 small tube Guyot du Temple boilers (Flandie and Languedoc 28 small tube Belleville, Bearn 21 small tube Niclause), 32,000shp = 21kts (an increase to 45,000hp = 22kts was planned). Coal 900t/2700t plus oil 300t. Range 6500nm/3375nm/1800nm at 12kts/16kts/21kts
Armour: Main belt 300mm (11.8in) amidships, 120mm-180mm (4.8in-7.1in) ends, upper belt 240mm (9½in) amidships, 160mm (6¼in), turrets 250mm-340mm (, casemates 160mm-180mm (6¼in-7.1in), CT 300mm (11¾in)
Armament: 12-340mm (13.4in)/45 Mod 12 (3x4), 24-138.6mm (5.4in)/55 Mod 10, 6-47mm AA, 6-450mm (17.7in) TT sub
Complement: 1200


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Gascoigne Arsenal de Lorient 1913.10.01 1914.09.20 1923-24 BU
Normandie A C de la Loire 1913.04.18 1914.10.19 1924-25 BU
Flandre Arsenal de Brest 1913.10.01 1914.10.20 1924.10 BU
Languedoc F C de la Gironde, Bordeaux 1913.04.18 1916.05.01 1929.06 BU
Béarn F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 1914.01.10 1920.04 1923-27 Converted to aircraft carrier