Minotaur class broadside ironclads (RN, 1863)

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Minotaur class broadside ironclads


Displacement: 10,600t (Agincourt); 10,690t (Minotaur); 10,784t (Northumberland) load
Dimensions: 122.0m pp, 124.0m oa x 18.14m x 8.46m
Machinery: 1-shaft Penn 2cyl HT (Agincourt Maudslay return connecting rod engine), 10 rectangular boilers, 6700ihp = 14.32kts (Minotaur); 6867ihp = 14.8kts (Agincourt); 6545ihp = 14.13kts (Northumberland)
Armour: Belt and battery 5½in amidship and 4½in at ends with 10 in wood backing, bulkheads 5½in
Armament: 4-9in MLR, 24-7in MLR, 8-24pdr SB (Northumberland 4-9in MLR, 22-8in MLR, 2-7in MLR)
Complement: 800


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Minotaur Thames Iron Wks, Blackwall 12 Sept 1861 12 Dec 1863 19 Dec 1868 Sold for BU 1922 ex-Elephant
Agincourt Lairds, Birkenhead 30 Oct 1861 27 Mar 1865 1 Jun 1867 Sold for BU 1960 ex-Captain
Northumberland Millwall Iron Wks, Millwall 10 Oct 1861 17 Apr 1866 8 Oct 1868 Sold 1927, Became hulk Stedmound