Military Police Command in Korea (Japanese Army)

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Military Police Command in Korea 朝鮮駐剳憲兵司令部 Chosen Chusatsu Kempeit Shireibu, 朝鮮憲兵隊司令部 Chosen Kempei Tai Shireibu



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 1 Oct 1910 Maj General Akashi Motojiro 6th class, Cadet Cdr, MP Cmd in State of Korea Vice Chief of General Staffs 26 Dec 1912 Lt General
2 17 Apr 1914 Maj General Tachibana Koichiro 6th class, Cadet CoS, Korea Resident Army Cdr, 19th Division 8 Aug 1914 Lt General
1 Apr 1916
6 Mar 1930 Maj General Toyama Bunzo 12th class, MA Att, Guard Division Cdr, MP Headquarter
1 Aug 1931 Maj General Iwasa Rokuro 15th class, MA Cdr, Tokyo MP Unit Cdr, MP Command in Kwantung
1 Aug 1934
1 Aug 1940 Maj General Kato Hakujiro 22nd class, MA Cdr, Tokyo MP Unit Dir, Office of MP HQ
1 Jul 1941