Military Air Academy (Japanese Army)

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Military Air Academy 陸軍航空士官学校 Rikugun Koku Shikan Gakko



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 1 Oct 1937 Maj General Kinoshita Hayashi 20th class, MA Commandant, Tokorozawa Flying School Commandant, Military Air Academy Commandant, Branch, Military Academy
1 10 Dec 1938 Maj General Kinoshita Hayashi 20th class, MA Commandant, Branch, Military Academy Att, Air Corps Commandant, Military Air Academy
9 Mar 1939 Lt General
2 1 Jul 1939 Maj General Terakura Shozo 22nd class, MA Commander, 1st Flying Brigade Absence keeper, 2nd Division 2 Oct 1939 Lt General
3 15 Sep 1941 Lt General Kinoshita Hayashi 20th class, MA Commander, 3rd Flying Group Commander, Kwantung Defense Army
4 1 Dec 1942 Lt General Endo Saburo 26th class, MA Secretary General, Military Air Academy Chief, Admin Bu, Army Air Command
5 1 May 1943 Lt General Sugawara Michio 21st class, MA Commander, Third Air Army Deputy Inspector General of Aviation
6 27 Mar 1944 Lt General Tokugawa Yoshitoshi 15th class, MA reserve 30 Sep 1945 closed