Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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Military Academy (陸軍士官学校 Rikugun Shikan Gakko)



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
14 Dec 1878 Lt General Oyama Iwao Vice Chief of General Staffs Lord of Army
28 Feb 1880
16 Jun 1887 Lt Colonel, Inf Terauchi Masatake Sec, Minister of Army Chief of Staff, 1st Division 16 Nov 1887 Colonel
15 Jun 1891 Colonel, Inf Okubo Haruno Cdt, Toyama School Chief of Staff, 2nd Division
24 Nov 1892
28 Sept 1896 Colonel, Inf Ando Teibi Cdr, Field Railway Cdr, 6th Inf Regiment
28 Sept 1897
28 Feb 1898 Maj General Terauchi Masatake Inspector General Inspector General acting, 1 Oct 1898 Lt General
23 Dec 1898
14 Jun 1905 Maj General Nambu Shimpei 1st class, Cadet Cdr, 5th Inf Brigade Cdr, Fortress Shimonoseki
6 Sept 1911 Maj General Hashimoto Katsutaro 8th class, Cadet]] Cdr, Indep Defense Unit Cdr, MP Headquarter
15 Feb 1915 Maj General Yokura Kihei 10th class, Cadet Cdr, 35th Inf Brigade Wait for appointment 24 Jul 1918 Lt General
15 Jan 1919 Lt General Shirakawa Yoshinori 1st class, MA Dir, Pers Bu, Ministry of Army Cdr, 11th Division
11 Mar 1921 Maj General Suzuki Takao 2nd class, MA Cdr, 1st Fld Hvy Art Brigade Inspector, Artillery 20 Jul 1921 Lt General
15 Aug 1922
10 Oct 1922 Maj General Minami Jiro 6th class, MA Cdt, Cavalry School Inspector, Cavalry 4 Feb 1924 Lt General
20 Aug 1924
2 Mar 1926 Maj General Masaki Jinzaburo 9th class, MA Deputy Cdt, Military Academy Cdr, 8th Division 5 Mar 1927 Lt General
26 Aug 1927 Maj General Hayashi Nariyuki 9th class, MA CoS, Korea Army Dir, Office of Inspectorate General 16 Dec 1927 Lt General
1 Aug 1929
2 Dec 1935 Lt General Yamada Otozo 14th class, MA Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Cdr, 12th Division
1 Mar 1937 Lt General Shinozuka Yoshio 17th class, MA Cdr, 1st Indep Mixed Brigade Cdr, 10th Division
18 Jun 1938
28 Sept 1940 Lt General Doihara Kenji 16th class, MA Cdr, 5th Army Inspector General of Aviation 28 Apr 1941 General
20 Jun 1941 Lt General Shinozuka Yoshio 17th class, MA Cdr, 1st Army Military Councillor
1 Apr 1942 Lt General Ushijima Mitsuru 20th class, MA Cdt, Koshurei School Cdr, 32nd Army
8 Aug 1944