Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

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Lords Lieutenant of Ireland

from to name note
1700.12.28 The Earl of Rochester (Laurence Hyde)
1703.02.19 The Duke of Ormonde (James Butler)
1707.04.30 The Earl of Pembroke (Thomas Herbert)
1708.12.04 The Earl of Wharton (Thomas Wharton)
1710.10.26 The Duke of Ormonde (James Butler)
1713.09.22 The Duke of Shrewsbury (Charles Talbot)
1714.09.21 The Earl of Sunderland (Charles Spencer)
1717.02.13 The Viscount Townshend (Charles Townshend)
1717.04.27 The Duke of Bolton (Charles Paulet)
1720.06.18 The Duke of Grafton (Charles FitzRoy)
1724.05.06 Lord Carteret (John Carteret)
1730.06.23 The Duke of Dorset (Lionel Sackville)
1737.04.09 The Duke of Devonshire (William Cavendish)
1745.01.08 The Earl of Chesterfield (Philip Stanhope)
1746.11.15 The Earl of Harrington (William Stanhope)
1750.12.15 The Duke of Dorset (Lionel Sackville)
1755.04.02 Marquess of Hartington (William Cavendish)
1757.01.03 The Duke of Bedford (John Russell)
1761.04.03 The Earl of Halifax (George Montagu-Dunk)
1763.04.27 The Earl of Northumberland (Hugh Percy)
1765.06.05 The Viscount Weymouth (Thomas Thynne)
1765.08.07 The Earl of Hertford (Francis Seymour-Conway)
1766.10.16 The Earl of Bristol (George Hervey)
1767.08.19 The Viscount Townshend (George Townshend)
1772.10.29 The Earl Harcourt (Simon Harcourt)
1776.12.29 The Earl of Carlisle (Frederick Howard)
1782.04.08 The Duke of Portland (William Cavendish-Bentinck)
1782.08.15 The Earl Temple (George Nugent-Temple-Grenville)
1783.05.03 The Earl of Northington (Robert Henley)
1784.02.12 The Duke of Rutland (Charles Manners)
1787.10.27 The Marquess of Buckingham (George Nugent-Temple-Grenville)
1789.10.24 The Earl of Westmorland (John Fane)
1794.12.13 The Earl FitzWilliam (William Wentworth-FitzWilliam)
1795.03.13 The Earl Camden (John Pratt)
1798.06.14 The Marquess Cornwallis (Charles Cornwallis)
1801.04.27 The Earl of Hardwicke (Philip Yorck)
1805.11.21 The Earl of Powis (Edward Clive)
1806.03.12 The Duke of Bedford (John Russell)
1807.04.11 The Duke of Richmond (Charles Lennox)
1813.06.23 The Viscount Whitworth (Charles Whitworth)
1817.10.03 The Earl Talbot (Charles Chetwynd-Talbot)
1821.12.08 The Marquess Wellesley (Richard Wellesley)
1828.02.27 The Marquess of Anglesey (Henry Paget)
1829.01.22 The Duke of Northumberland (Hugh Percy)
1830.12.04 The Marquess of Anglesey (Henry Paget)
1833.09.12 The Marquess Wellesley (Richard Wellesley)
1835.01.01 The Earl of Haddington (Thomas Hamilton)
1835.04.29 The Earl of Mulgrave (Constantine Phipps)
1839.03.13 Viscount Ebrington (Hugh Fortescue)
1841.09.11 The Earl de Grey (Thomas de Grey)
1844.07.17 The Lord Heytesbury (William a Court)
1846.07.08 The Earl of Bessborough (John Ponsonby)
1847.05.22 The Earl of Clarendon (George Villiers)
1852.03.01 The Earl of Eglinton (Archibald Montgomerie)
1853.01.05 The Earl of St Germans (Edward Eliot)
1855.03.07 The Earl of Carlisle (George Howard)
1858.03.08 The Earl of Eglinton (Archibald Montgomerie)
1859.06.24 The Earl of Carlisle (George Howard)
1864.11.01 The Lord Wodehouse (John Wodehouse)
1866.07.13 The Marquess of Abercorn (James Hamilton)
1868.12.18 The Earl Spencer (John Spencer)
1874.03.02 The Duke of Abercorn (James Hamilton)
1876.12.11 The Duke of Marlborough (John Spencer-Churchill)
1880.05.04 The Earl Cowper (Francis Cowper)
1882.05.04 The Earl Spencer (John Spencer)
1885.06.27 The Earl of Carnarvon (Henry Herbert)
1886.02.08 The Earl of Aberdeen (John Hamilton-Gordon)
1886.08.03 The Marquess of Londonderry (Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart)
1889.07.30 The Earl of Zetland (Lawrence Dundas)
1892.08.18 The Lord Houghton (Robert Crewe-Milnes)
1895.06.29 The Earl Cadogan (George Cadogan)
1902.08.11 The Earl of Dudley (William Ward)
1905.12.11 The Earl of Aberdeen (John Hamilton-Gordon)
1915.02.17 The Lord Wimborne (Ivor Guest)
1918.05.09 The Viscount French (John French)
1921.04.27 1922.12.06 The Viscount FitzAlan of Derwent (Edmund FitzAlan-Howard)
1922.12.06 Timothy Michael Healy Governor-General of the Irish Free State
1928.02.01 1932.11.02 James McNeill
1932.11.27 1936.12.11 Domhnall Ua Buachalla post abolished