Lexington class aircraft carriers (USN, CV-2)

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Lexington class aircraft carriers


Displacement: (Lexington 1936) 37,681t standard; 43,055t full load
Dimensions: 259.08m wl, 270.66m oa x 32.12m x 10.15m
Machinery: 4-shaft General Electric turbines, 16 Yarrow boilers, 180,000shp = 33.25kts. Oil 2400-3600t, range 10,500nm at 15kts
Armour: Belt 7in-5in with 1.25in deck over 0.75in STS, CT 2in with 2in roof. No protection for 8in guns
Armament: 8-8in/55 (4x2), 12-5in/25 (12x1), 48-0.5in, 63 aircraft. See notes
Complement: 2327


No Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
CV-2 Lexington Bethlehem, Quincy 8 Jan 1921 3 Oct 1925 14 Dec 1927 8 May 1942 Sunk
CV-3 Saratoga New York SB 25 Sep 1920 7 Apr 1925 16 Nov 1927 25 Jul 1946 Expended