Inner-Mongolia Resident Army (Japanese Army)

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Inner-Mongolia Resident Army 駐蒙軍 Chumo Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
28 Dec 1937 Lt General Hasunuma Shigeru 15th class, MA Cdr of Middle Air Defense Cdr, Inner-Mgl Res Army Commander, Inner-Mongolia Resident Corps
1 4 Jul 1938 Lt General Hasunuma Shigeru 15th class, MA Cdr, Inner-Mgl Res Corps Senior Aide-de-camp to the Emperor Commander, Inner-Mongolia Resident Army
2 31 Aug 1939 General Sugiyama Hajime 12th class, MA Cdr, North China Area Army Military Councillor
3 12 Sep 1939 Lt General Okabe Naozaburo 18th class, MA Cdr, 1st Division Att, General Staffs
4 29 Sep 1940 Lt General Yamawaki Masataka 18th class, MA Cdr, 3rd Division Att, General Staffs
5 20 Jan 1941 Lt General Amakasu Jutaro 18th class, MA Commander, 33rd Division Att, General Staffs
6 2 Mar 1942 Lt General Shichida Ichiro 20th class, MA Commandant, Military Pre Academy Commander, Second Army
7 28 May 1943 Lt General Kotsuki Yoshio 21st class, MA Commander, Second Army Commander, Eleventh Army
8 22 Nov 1944 Lt General Nemoto Hiroshi 23rd class, MA Commander, Third Army disbanded after the war