Independent Defense Unit (Japanese Army)

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Independent Defense Unit 独立守備隊 Dokuritsu Shubi Tai



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 Apr 1909 Maj General Nitahara Shigeyuki 4th class, Cadet Cdr, 7th Inf Brigade Cdr, 1st Inf Brigade
6 Sept 1911 Maj General Hashimoto Katsutaro 8th class, Cadet Cdr, 24th Inf Brigade Cdt, Military Academy
27 Nov 1912 Maj General Koike Yasuyuki 8th class, Cadet Cdr, 12th Inf Brigade Cdr, 2nd Grd Inf Brigade
26 Nov 1914
1 Aug 1929 Lt General Terauchi Hisaichi 11th class, MA Chief of Staff, Korea Army Cdr, 5th Division
1 Aug 1930