Headquarter of Tokyo Security (Japanese Army)

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Headquarter of Tokyo Security 東京警備司令部 Tokyo Keibi Shireibu

  • This article also describes about "Governor of Tokyo Defense" 東京防禦総督 Tokyo Bogyo Sotoku and "Governor of Tokyo Security" 東京衛戍総督 Governor of Tokyo Security.



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
18 Jan 1895 Governor of Tokyo Defense. vacant.
1 10 May 1896 General Nozu Michitsura Cdr, Guard Division Cdr, Eastern HQ
2 14 Oct 1896 Lt General Katsura Taro Governor General of Taiwan Minister of Army 12 Jan 1898 vacant
3 14 Jan 1898 Lt General Oku Yasukata Cdr, Guard Division Cdr, Eastern HQ 25 Apr 1900 vacant, 10 Apr 1901 abolished
1 1 May 1904 General Sakuma Samata suspended Governor General of Taiwan Governor of Tokyo Security
2 11 Apr 1906 General Kawamura Kageaki Military Councillor Military Councillor
3 22 Aug 1913 Lt General Nakamura Satoru Senior Aide-de-camp to the Emperor Governor of Kwantung
4 15 Sep 1914 General Asada Nobuoki Military Councillor Military Councillor
5 24 May 1915 Lt General Kamio Mitsuomi Cdr, Tsingtao Defense Army Wait for appointment 24 Jun 1916 General
6 18 Aug 1916 Lt General Matsukawa Toshitane 5th class, Cadet Cdr, 16th Division Cdr, Korea Resident Army
7 6 Aug 1917 Lt General Nitahara Shigeyuki 6th class, Cadet Cdr, Guard Division Military Councillor
8 2 Jul 1918 Lt General Shiba Goro 3rd class, Cadet Cdr, 12th Division Cdr, Taiwan Army 26 Aug 1919 General
9 1 Nov 1919 Lt General Kurita Naohachiro 8th class, Cadet Commander, 14th Division Wait for appointment 10 Aug 1920 abolished
1 3 Sept 1923 General Fukuda Masataro 9th class, Cadet Military Councillor Military Councillor Commander, Martial Law in Kanto
2 20 Sept 1923 General Yamanashi Hanzo 8th class, Cadet Military Councillor Cdr of Tokyo Security
1 16 Nov 1923 General Yamanashi Hanzo 8th class, Cadet Cdr, Martial Law in Kanto Military Councillor Commander of Tokyo Security
2 20 Aug 1924 General Kikuchi Shinnosuke 11th class, Cadet Cdr, Korea Army Inspector General
3 2 Mar 1926 General Muto Nobuyoshi 3rd class, MA Military Councillor Cdr, Kwantung Army
4 28 Jul 1926 Lt General Isomura Toshi 4th class, MA Cdr, 12th Division Wait for appointment
5 10 Aug 1928 Lt General Kishimoto Shikataro 5th class, MA Dir, Office of Inspectorate General Wait for appointment
6 1 Aug 1929 Lt General Hasegawa Naotoshi 6th class, MA Commander, Guard Division Wait for appointment
7 22 Dec 1930 Lt General Hayashi Yasakichi 8th class, MA Commander, 4th Division Wait for appointment
8 29 Feb 1932 Lt General Kihara Kiyoshi 8th class, MA Commander, 12th Division Wait for appointment
9 18 Mar 1933 Lt General Hayashi Nariyuki 9th class, MA Cdr, 1st Division Wait for appointment
10 5 Mar 1934 Lt General Nishi Yoshikazu 10th class, MA Cdr, 8th Division Military Councillor 28 Nov 1934 General
11 2 Dec 1935 Lt General Kashii Kohei 12th class, MA Commander, 6th Division Wait for appointment
12 2 Apr 1936 Lt General Iwakoshi Tsuneichi 12th class, MA Att, General Staffs Wait for appointment
13 2 Aug 1937 Lt General Nakamura Kotaro 13th class, MA Military Councillor Military Councillor 30 Nov 1937 abolished

Chief of Staff

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
3 Sept 1923 Maj General Abe Nobuyuki 9th class, MA Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Chief, Admin Bu, General Staffs Chief of Staff, Martial Law in Kanto
16 Nov 1923 Colonel, Inf Hata Shinji 12th class, MA CoS, 3rd Division Cdr, 15th Inf Brigade
2 Mar 1926
18 Mar 1933 Maj General Suetaka Kamezo 16th class, MA Att, Ordnance Command Commander, 2nd Indep Defense Unit
1 Aug 1935