Headquarter of Middle Air Defense (Japanese Army)

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Headquarter of Middle Air Defense 中部防衛司令部 Chubu Boei Shireibu



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 2 Aug 1937 Lt General Nakajima Kesago 15th class, MA Cdr, MP Headquarter Cdr, 16th Division
2 26 Aug 1937 Lt General Hasunuma Shigeru 15th class, MA Cdr, 9th Division Cdr, Inner-Mongolia Resident Corps
3 28 Dec 1937 Lt General Tani Hisao 15th class, MA Cdr, 6th Division Wait for appointment
4 1 Aug 1939 Lt General Sonobe Waichiro 16th class, MA Cdr, 7th Division Cdr, 11th Army
5 9 Mar 1940 Lt General Iwamatsu Yoshio 17th class, MA Cdr, 15th Division Cdr, Middle Army 1 Aug 1940 reorganized