Hatoyama Y. Administration (Japan)

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Hatoyama Y. Administration (鳩山由内閣) was a Japanese Administration lasted from 16 Sept 2009 to 8 Jun 2010.

Cabinet members

 16 Sept 20097 Jan 201012 Jan 201010 Feb 201028 May 2010
Prime ministerHatoyama Yukio
Minister of Foreign AffairsOkada Katsuya
Minister of FinanceFujii HirohisaKan Naoto
Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsHaraguchi Kazuhiro
Minister of DefenseKitazawa Toshimi
Minister of JusticeChiba Keiko
Minister of Education and ScienceKawabata Tatsuo
Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareNagatsuma Akira
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesAkamatsu Hirotaka
Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryNaoshima Masayuki
Minister of Land and TransportMaebara Seiji
Minister of the EnvironmentOzawa Sakihito
Minister of State for Special MissionsOkinawa and Northern Territories affairsMaebara Seiji
Financial affairsKamei Shizuka
Economical and Financial policyKan Naoto
Science and Technological policyKan NaotoKawabata Tatsuo
Disaster Protection affairsMaebara SeijiNakai Hiroshi
Genderless affairsFukushima MizuhoHirano Hirofumi (a)
Population affairsFukushima MizuhoHirano Hirofumi (a)
Regional Autonomic affairsHaraguchi Kazuhiro
Comsumers affairs and Food SafetyFukushima MizuhoHirano Hirofumi (a)
Administrative Revision affairsSengoku YoshitoEdano Yukio
"New Public" affairs Sengoku Yoshito
Chairman of National Public Safety CommissionNakai Hiroshi
Chief Cabinet SecretaryHirano Hirofumi


Japanese Administration
Preceded by
Aso Administration
Cabinet of Japan
16 Sept 2009 - 8 Jun 2010
Succeeded by
Kan Administration