Fourth Army (Japanese Army)

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Fourth Army 第四軍 Daiyon Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 30 Jun 1904 General Nozu Michitsura Military Councillor Military Councillor 12 Jan 1906 demobilized
1 15 Jul 1938 Lt General Nakajima Kesago 15th class, MA Cdr, 16th Division Att, General Staffs
2 1 Aug 1939 Lt General Ushiroku Jun 17th class, MA Cdr, 26th Division Cdr, South China Area Army
3 28 Sep 1940 Lt General Washizu Kohei 18th class, MA Commander, 21st Division Wait for appointment
4 15 Oct 1941 Lt General Yokoyama Isamu 21st class, MA Commander, 1st Division Commander, Eleventh Army
5 21 Dec 1942 Lt General Kusaba Tatsumi 20th class, MA Commander, Kwantung Defense Army Att, General Staffs
6 7 Feb 1944 Lt General Nishihara Kanji 23rd class, MA Inspector, Chemical Warfare Commander, Fifty-seventh Army
7 23 Mar 1945 Lt General Uemura Mikio 24th class, MA Commander, 57th Division disbanded after the war

Chief of Staff

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 25 Jun 1904 Maj General Uehara Yusaku 3rd class, Cadet Inspector, Pioneer Inspector, Pioneer 3 Feb 1906 demobilized
1 Dec 1939 Colonel, Avi Yoshizumi Masao 26th class, MA Senior Staff, 4th Army Att, General Staffs 9 Mar 1940 Maj General
9 Sept 1940
1 Dec 1941 Maj General Watanabe Hiroshi 27th class, MA VCoS, 4th Army Cdr, 12th Inf Command
1 Aug 1941