Fortress Yura (Japanese Army)

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Fortress Yura 由良要塞司令部 Yura Yosai Shireibu



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
25 Apr 1900 Maj General Samejima Shigeo Chief of Staff, Middle HQ Cdr, Fortress Tokyo Bay
5 May 1902
13 Nov 1907 Lt General Uchiyama Kojiro 3rd class, Cadet Military Attache to Russia Cdr, Fortress Tokyo Bay
21 Dec 1908
6 Aug 1923 Lt General Hishikari Takashi 5th class, MA Cdt, Toyama School Cdr, 8th Division
4 Feb 1924
2 Mar 1926 Lt General Shibayama Juichi 8th class, MA Cdr, 8th Inf Brigade Wait for appointment
26 Jul 1927