Fortress Tokyo Bay (Japanese Army)

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Fortress Tokyo Bay 東京湾要塞司令部 Tokyo Wan Yosai Shireibu



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
5 May 1902 Maj General Samejima Shigeo Cdr, Fortress Yura Att, Joint General Staff
5 Sept 1904
21 Dec 1908 Lt General Uchiyama Kojiro 3rd class, Cadet Cdr, Fortress Yura Cdr, 15th Division
14 Jan 1909
2 Mar 1926 Lt General Hayashi Senjuro 8th class, MA Cdr, 2nd Inf Brigade Cdt, Military College
5 Mar 1927
1 Aug 1931 Lt General Hata Shinji 12th class, MA Att, 14th Division Att, Ordnance Command
3 Oct 1931
23 Sept 1938 Maj General Shimomura Sadamu 20th class, MA Att, General Staffs Cdt, Artillery and Pioneer School 9 Mar 1939 Lt General
1 Aug 1940