Equipment Procurement and Construction Office (JSDF)

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Equipment Procurement and Construction Office 装備施設本部 Sobi Shisetsu Hombu



  • Director
  • Deputy Director for Administration
  • Deputy Director for Control
  • Deputy Director for Communications and Guidance
  • Deputy Director for Weapons and Supplies
  • Deputy Director for Ships and Vehicles: Rear Admiral Haruki Hideyuki
  • Deputy Director for Aircraft
  • Deputy Director for Facilities


Deputy Commander for Ships and Vehicles

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
5 Aug 2011 Rear Admiral Sato Naoto 28th class, NDA Dir, Plan Dept, Maritime Material Command Deputy Dir, Nav Sys Dev, TRDI
28 Mar 2013
30 Mar 2015 Rear Admiral Haruki Hideyuki 28th class, NDA Chief of Staff, Kure District incumbent