Defense Intelligence Headquarters (JSDF)

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Defense Intelligence Headquarters 情報本部 Joho Hombu





no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 20 Jan 1987 Lt General (G) Kunimi Masahiro 9th class, NDA Cdr, 10th Division retired
2 10 Dec 1999 Lt General (G) Nonaka Mitsuo 12th class, NDA Cdr, 4th Division Cdr, North Eastern Army
3 3 Dec 2001 Vice Admiral (M) Ota Fumio 14th class, NDA Commandant, Joint Staff College retired
4 12 Jan 2005 Lt General (G) Mukugi Isao 15th class, NDA Cdr, 3rd Division retired
5 26 Mar 2008 Lt General (A) Hokazono Kenichiro 18th class, NDA Commandant, Joint Staff College Chief of Staff, ASDF
6 7 Nov 2008 Lt General (A) Shimohira Koji 19th class, NDA Vice Chief of Staff, JS retired
7 31 Jan 2012 Lt General (G) Kinomura Kenichi 23rd class, NDA Cdr, 4th Division retired
8 5 Aug 2014 Lt General (A) Miyagawa Tadashi Nihon University Cdr, Western Air Defense Force retired
9 20 Dec 2017 Vice Admiral (M) Otsuka Umio 27th class, NDA President, JMSDF C&S College incumbent