Defence class broadside ironclads (RN, 1861)

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Defence class broadside ironclads


Displacement: 6150t (Resistance 6070t) load
Dimensions: 85.3m pp, 92.04m oa x 16.51m x 7.62m
Machinery: 1-shaft Penn HSET, 4 rectangular boilers, 2540ihp = 11.62kts (Resistance 2430ihp = 11.83 kts). Coal 460t
Armour: Belt 4½in with 18in wood backing, bulkhead 4½in
Armament: (1867) 2-8in MLR, 14-7in MLR
Complement: 460


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Defence Palmers, Jarrow Dec 1859 24 Apr 1861 2 Dec 1861 BU 1935
Resistance Westwood & Baillie, Millwall Dec 1859 11 Apr 1861 2 Jul 1862 Sold 1898, foundered Holyhead Bay 1899, raised and BU