Courageous class light battlecruisers (RN, 1916)

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Displacement: 19,230t load; 22,690t deep load
Dimensions: 239.7m oa x 24.7m x 7.1m mean
Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons geared turbines, 18 Yarrow small-tube boilers, 90,000shp = 32kts. Oil 3160t. Range ?
Armour: Belt 3in-2in (75mm-50mm), bulkheads 3in-2in (75mm-50mm), barbettes 7in-3in (180mm-75mm), turret faces 13in-11in (330mm-280mm), CT 10in (250mm), decks 1½in-¾in (40mm-20mm)
Armament: 4-15in (38.1cm)/42cal Mk I (2x2), 18-4in (10.2cm)/44.3cal BL Mk IX (6x3), 2-3in (76mm)/20cwt AA Mk I, 2-3pdr (47mm), 2-21in (53.3cm) TT sub (beam)
Complement: 828-842


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Note
Courageous Armstrong, Elswick 28 Mar 1915 5 Feb 1916 Jan 1917 Jun 1924 - 5 May 1928 Converted to aircraft carrier 17 Sept 1939 Sunk
Glorious Harland & Wolff 1 May 1915 20 Apr 1916 Jan 1917 Feb 1924 - 10 Mar 1930 Converted to aircraft carrier 8 Jun 1940 Sunk