Chinese Empire Resident Army (Japanese Army)

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Chinese Empire Resident Army 清国駐屯軍 Shinkoku Chuton Gun



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 1 Jun 1901 Lt General Oshima Hisanao Cdr, 9th Division Cdr, 9th Division
2 4 Jul 1901 Maj General Yamane Takesuke 1st class, Cadet Commander, Sasebo Fortress Military Attache to China
3 25 Oct 1901 Colonel, Cav Akiyama Yoshifuru 3rd class, Cadet Chief of Staff, Chinese Empire Res Army Cdr, 1st Cav Brigade 21 Jun 1902 Maj General
4 2 Apr 1903 Colonel, Inf Semba Taro 2nd class, Cadet Commander, 24th Inf Regiment Commander, 31st Inf Brigade 2 Jul 1903 Maj General
5 25 Jun 1905 Maj General Kamio Mitsuomi Chief of Staff, Liaotung Defense Army Chief of Staff, Governor of Kwantung
6 27 Nov 1906 Maj General Nakamura Aizo 5th class, Cadet Chief, Pio Div, Governor of Kwantung Commander, Trans & Comm Brigade
7 21 Nov 1908 Colonel, Pio Abe Teijiro 5th class, Cadet Chief of Staff, 2nd Division Commander, Tsushima Security Force 21 Dec 1908 Maj General
24 Apr 1912 reorganized