China Resident Army (Japanese Army)

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China Resident Army 支那駐屯軍 Shina Chuton Gun, aka 天津軍 Tenshin Gun unofficially.



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 26 Apr 1912 Maj General Sato Kojiro 8th class, Cadet suspended Inspector, Heavy Artillery
2 8 Aug 1914 Maj General Nara Takeji 11th class, Cadet Chief, Art Sect, MA Bu, Ministry of Army Chief of Staff, Tsingtao Defense Army
3 5 Jul 1915 Maj General Saito Suejiro 11th class, Cadet Commander, 10th Inf Brigade Military Attache to China
4 2 May 1916 Maj General Ishimitsu Maomi 1st class, MA Chief, Europe Sect, 2nd Bu, General Staffs Cdr, MP Headquarter
5 10 Jun 1918 Maj General Kanaya Hanzo 5th class, MA Chief, Ope Sect, 1st Bu, General Staffs Chief, 1st Bu, General Staffs
6 25 Jul 1919 Maj General Minami Jiro 6th class, MA Chief, Cav Sect, MA Bu, Ministry of Army Cdr, 3rd Cav Brigade
7 20 Jan 1921 Maj General Suzuki Kazuma 5th class, MA Commander, 2nd Fld Art Brigade Att, 12th Division HQ
8 6 Aug 1923 Maj General Yoshioka Kensaku 7th class, MA Cdr, 10th Inf Brigade Att, General Staffs
9 1 May 1925 Lt General Koizumi Rokuichi 7th class, MA Cdr, 13th Inf Brigade Cdr, 11th Division
10 2 Mar 1926 Lt General Takada Toyoki 7th class, MA Att, 9th Division HQ Att, General Staffs
11 26 Jul 1927 Lt General Arai Kametaro 8th class, MA Commandant, Toyama School Commander, 7th Division
12 16 Mar 1929 Lt General Ueda Kenkichi 10th class, MA Dir, Horse Replenishment Office Cdr, 9th Division
13 22 Dec 1930 Maj General Kashii Kohei 12th class, MA Commandant, Toyama School Att, Ordnance Command 1 Aug 1931 Lt General
14 29 Feb 1932 Maj General Nakamura Kotaro 13th class, MA Dir, Pers Bu, Ministry of Army Cdr, 8th Division 11 Apr 1932 Lt General
15 5 Mar 1934 Maj General Umezu Yoshijiro 15th class, MA Att, General Staffs Cdr, 2nd Division 1 Aug 1934 Lt General
16 1 Aug 1935 Maj General Tada Hayao 15th class, MA Cdr, 4th Fld Hvy Art Brigade Cdr, 11th Division 28 Apr 1936 Lt General
17 1 May 1936 Lt General Tashiro Kanichiro 15th class, MA Cdr, 11th Division reserve
18 11 Jul 1937 Lt General Kazuki Kiyoshi 14th class, MA Dir, Office of Inspectorate General Commander, First Army 26 Aug 1937 reorganized