Army Toyama School (Japanese Army)

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Army Toyama School 陸軍戸山学校 Rikugun Toyama Gakko



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
13 Jun 1876 Maj General Prince Yoshiakira Cdr, Tokyo District
16 Mar 1877
13 Jun 1890 Colonel, Inf Okubo Haruno Cdr, 12th Inf Regiment Cdt, Military Academy
15 Jun 1891
7 Aug 1893 Lt Colonel, Inf Ando Teibi Cdr, Field Railway
30 Aug 1894
2 Oct 1900 Colonel, Inf Otani Kikuzo 2nd class, Cadet Staff, Inspectorate General Cdr, 24th Inf Brigade
21 Jun 1902
2 Jul 1903 Maj General Otani Kikuzo 2nd class, Cadet Cdr, 24th Inf Brigade Head of Logistics, 12th Division
5 Feb 1904
1 Jun 1906 Maj General Otani Kikuzo 2nd class, Cadet CoS, State of Korea Res Army Chief of Staff, Inspectorate General
28 Jan 1907
28 Aug 1908 Colonel, Inf Oba Jiro 8th class, Cadet Cdr, 2nd Grd Inf Regiment Cdt, Infantry School 30 Nov 1910 Maj General
31 Aug 1912
1 Apr 1916 Colonel, Inf Yamada Ryonosuke 5th class, MA Cdr, 3rd Inf Regiment Cdr, 23rd Inf Brigade 24 Jul 1918 Maj General
23 Feb 1920 Maj General Hishikari Takashi 5th class, MA Cdr, 23rd Inf Brigade Cdr, Fortress Yura
6 Aug 1923
1 Aug 1935 Maj General Ando Rikichi 16th class, MA Cdr, 1st Inf Brigade Cdr, 5th Indep Def Unit
21 Apr 1936
9 Mar 1939 Maj General Ushijima Mitsuru 20th class, MA DCdt, Military Preliminary Academy Cdt, Military Preliminary Academy
1 Aug 1939
26 Sep 1944 Lt General Shichida Ichiro 20th class, MA Cdt, Science School reserve
14 Apr 1945