Army Infantry School (Japanese Army)

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Army Infantry School 陸軍歩兵学校 Rikugun Hohei Gakko



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
31 Aug 1912 Maj General Oba Jiro 8th class, Cadet Cdt, Toyama School Cdr, 11th Inf Brigade
29 Mar 1913
10 Aug 1915 Maj General Ugaki Kazushige 1st class, MA Chief, Mil Sec, MA Bu, Ministry of Army Chief, 1st Bu, General Staffs
24 Mar 1916
18 Mar 1933 Lt General Kazuki Kiyoshi 14th class, MA Secretary, Infantry School Commander, 12th Division
15 Mar 1935
2 Dec 1942 Lt General Suedo Tomofumi 25th class, MA CoS, Middle Army Cdr, 93rd Division
8 Aug 1944