Army Heavy Artillery School (Japanese Army)

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Army Heavy Artillery School 陸軍重砲兵学校 Rikugun Juuhohei Gakko



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
31 Jan 1919 Colonel, Art Yoshida Toyohiko 5th class, MA Chief, Eng Sect, Ord Bu, Ministry of Army Dir, Ord Bu, Ministry of Army 25 Jul 1919 Maj General
5 May 1921
6 Aug 1923 Maj General Ogata Katsuichi 7th class, MA Chief, 1st Bu, Tech Command Cdt, Artillery and Pioneer School
4 Feb 1924
2 Oct 1939 Maj General Sumita Raishiro 24th class, MA Cdr, 6th Fld Hvy Art Brigade Staff, Joint General Staff
28 Sep 1940